Friday, September 30, 2011

Furniture that Will Improve My Life

Change is hard, this we all know. It takes a lot of work. There are many small victories and even more set-backs. I, for instance, would like to be more organized and cleaner and more productive. I have looked deep inside myself. Am I capable of this? Can an old slob become efficient and manicured? I think so, if I save my pennies. Because when I looked inside myself, I didn't find strength or courage or even internal organs! I found a catalogue full of furniture that will, without a doubt, completely change my personality and make my life a million times better! Media cabinets and desks and things made from the wood salvaged from the bow of a ship that sunk in the Arctic circle in 1884!
Do you want to look inside my catalogue?
Do you?

This desk from Jonas & Jonas is the only thing standing between me and a finished book. The ideas would flow from the ether to my head to my fingers to the keyboard to the screen to the greatest story of all-time. It would also never be cluttered with bills and other stupid papers (because there is no room. It's so small!).

If I owned this laundry cart, washing clothes would be a joy. Actually, I would probably just drop the dirty clothes in there, and when it was full I'd peek in and they would be clean and washed!

This wood stove by Wuehl Yanes might not make me more organized or productive, but it would make me more social. My crippling fear of other human beings would disappear and everyone would come over and we'd make S'mores and tell ghost stories and everyone would be like "you are so cool with your cool stuff! We love you!" and raise me on their shoulders.

In Oliver Peake's sunken bed I would only have good dreams. Then I would awaken, rested and with Zooey Deschanel hair, ready to take on the day!

Don't think I forgot Peanut! She doesn't really like being in little enclosed spaces or anything over her head (except blankets), but how could she say no to this little camper from Straight Line Designs? She couldn't. Dogs can't talk, stupid!

So, those are just a handful of things that, if I owned them, would make me a better person. There was also a clothing catalogue, but that is a post for another time. Because it's all about things, right? Things will make me happy!

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