Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some New/Old Stuff

I tend to be pretty behind the times when it comes to music. I've never really known how to wade through all the shit to find flecks of gold, and have often relied on others to take me by the hand and lead me straight to the good stuff. I also really like music from bygone eras and mostly listen to hits from the 50's-80's, so when I finally catch wind of something new and amazing, it's usually blown up. And then I feel like I've missed the bus and I'd be a poseur and jumping on the bandwagon if I started listening, so I just watch everyone go by on the Cool Music float in the Parade of Life and wave to them. That's a lot of vehicle metaphors. 

One such artist was Amy Winehouse. I was into her singles, and it was obvious she had incredible talent, but I never bought her albums. And now the poor girl is gone. That's another thing. Most of the musicians I like are dead. (Just like my celebrity crushes. I'm so goth!) I finally bought Back to Black and what the FUCK?! Why did I wait so long? It is so perfect. It's the best break-up album for someone getting out of a really sick relationship. It gives me an ache that's like pinching a bruise. In particular I've been listening to Back to Black on repeat for two or three weeks. Oh Amy. I died 100 times. 

There wasn't really room for country music in our house. My parents like rock n roll--they both saw Jimi Hendrix, my mom watched Jim Morrison swing over the crowd on a rope at a Doors concert, my dad would go see Springsteen when he still played bar gigs. So they were a couple of rockers (and also had a soft spot for smooth music but that's another story), and I guess I followed in their footsteps because my musical interests are pretty much that of a 60 year old man. I think if there was a mirror that reflected your spiritual self I would look like ZZ Top. 
Still, I'm surprised I was never exposed to any country music (except some Garth Brooks at weddings), not even Johnny Cash. In the last decade I've become somewhat enamored with classic country, like Patsy Cline and Hank Williams and Willie and Waylon and that one Conway Twitty song where he's singing all soft and then he's like "IT'S BEEN A LONG TIIIIIIME." And now I'm exploring some of that newer stuff hat pays homage to the greats. Part of my new weird country thing is watching Nashville (because Connie Britton is a goddess). They featured Emmylou by First Aid Kit tonight and I've already downloaded it and listened to it a bearzillion times. I am a huge sucker for a steel guitar, and I love that it's about finding a partner, someone to inspire you and make you better. Not even necessarily in a romantic way (I could be wrong, but I don't think Emmylou and Gram were ever more than friends?). It's a really lovely song and you should give it a listen.