Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I have this weird fear that theres's a single hair growing in the middle of my back. Like growing really long, not even out of a mole or anything. But it's in the middle of my back so I can't see it or feel it; I don't know it's there. And it's getting longer and longer, and one day I'm going to be at work wearing a sundress or something and someone walking by my chair will say "Oh, you have a hair on your back," thinking it's just a loose hair from my head, and then they'll try to pinch it off my skin... but it won't budge. They'll tug on it and it will create a little tent of skin and it will be just a little painful and we'll both go "...." and then I'll collect my stuff and never return.

So, I guess what I'm looking for is a man to check my back every night to make sure there's not one weird, long hair growing there.


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