Thursday, February 16, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Brooke Show

Sometimes I like to imagine what the opening titles would look like if my life were a sitcom. Probably called Brooke! because I can't think of something more creative and I think I have enough star power to get people to watch on my name alone, like The Mary Tyler Moore Show. If I still lived in Chicago I could call it Brooke on Ice! because it is cold. 

I know a couple things about my Opening Titles. I've picked the theme song, which is probably the most important step. It is by a little Bay Area band called Huey Lewis and The News:

Isn't it perfect for a sitcom? Now imagine, during those opening notes, you are seeing beautiful downtown San Francisco from the inside of a car driving across the Bay Bridge. That is the first scene. When I drove out here, a 2 1/2 day trip all by myself, I was gazing at the view as I crossed into the city for the first time, and I thought "Goddamnit why don't I have a film crew for this?" Oh, have I mentioned I can be a touch self-absorbed?

I actually haven't figured out much beyond the opening scene. I've looked at the titles for The MTM Show and That Girl and Laverne & Shirley for inspiration. Probably just scenes from my life as a single gal trying to make it in the big city. Painting a room. Falling out of windows. Maybe me walking around texting on my phone and almost getting run over by a MUNI bus. I would like to do the thing when it says "Starring Brooke!" and I act like I'm surprised by the camera and then I smile over my shoulder. I would also like Peanut to have the honor of being introduced at the end, like Dame Judy Dench.

If you are interested in helping me film the opening titles to my non-existent sitcom, or would like to appear as a kooky neighbor or bad date so I can pour a glass of water over your head, please contact me immediately. If you do a good job you could even get your own spin-off, though I have it on good authority Peanut is already in talks with the network for her own show. Huey Lewis h8ers need not apply.

What about you? What would you choose for your sitcom theme music?