Sunday, November 6, 2011


In case anyone was wondering how my battle with sugar is going (I may have stupidly declared this "No Sugar November," lol Brooke), I recently bought a dozen mini-cupcakes and hid in my bedroom and ate them all while watching Paranormal Activity 2.

What makes this story even more alarming and pathetic (if you can believe it) is that between buying the cupcakes and consuming them I watched Thor with one of my housemates, his girlfriend, his sister, and her husband. This would have been a great opportunity share the cupcakes and to be a nice person and a good hostess and also ensure I would not eat all 12 cupcakes myself. But I kept my little secret and I ate the shit out of those cupcakes.

 Then I ate a cookie.

The war rages on, my friends...

Update November 14th: Consumed an entire 9" cake by myself. Okay, my mom had once slice. When will it end?

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