Monday, November 14, 2011

This One Time...

I got this sweater in Austin, Texas at a heavy discount (I think the price had been reduced three times). It is ill-fitting and made for someone twice my size, but also cozy and comforting. I mostly wore it around the apartment but one chilly day I bundled myself up in it and walked up the hill to the grocery store. I was crossing the street and this guy driving by stuck his head out the window and yelled: "Nice sweater!" and I had the beginnings of a smile on my face and was about to say "Thank you!" when he added: "YOU FREAK!"Here are a couple reasons why I disagree with his statement:  I feel as though wearing this sweater in Austin, Texas might be freakish since it is normally very hot, but San Francisco is cold and wet and it seems appropriate. Also, I lived in The Tenderloin at this time, and for every three people you pass in the TL, one is bat-shit crazy. There is a man who dresses like a Geisha and paints his face white and draws huge, jagged lips over his mouth and shuffles around pulling on his hair, talking to himself. That kind of crazy. So, I really took issue with this guy singling me out to call me a freak. I sadly bought my bread and peanut butter and sadly walked back down the hill. I told Mark what happened and he started laughing, and then I laughed, too. But I still kind of wished that guy had crashed his car. What was he doing looking out the window and calling people freaks when he was driving?!

THE END by Dill Pixels

THE END, a photo by Dill Pixels on Flickr.

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