Friday, October 28, 2011

Easy, last-minute Halloween Costumes

If you waited until the last minute to assemble a Halloween costume, I have a few simple, quick ideas that incorporate easy to find items with things you already probably have around the house (like a satin jacket with a scorpion on the back).

Dexy's Midnight Runners

Um, how easy is this? Get your overalls out (because I know you still have them, cause you were hoping they'd come back in style. Guess what? THEY WON'T) and cuff the legs. Then all you need is an undershirt and a bandana knotted around your neck and some sweet dance moves. You also need $.99 to download the song onto your phone so you can play it on repeat so everyone knows that you're not just dressed as a random ragamuffin. 
For the Pros: Make dummies of other members of the band. Do that thing where you tie them to a broomstick on either side of you so you all move in unison. I can't find a video but I think you know what I mean. 

 R.J. MacReady, The Thing

So I'm on a little bit of a The Thing kick. So what? It's my blog. Fuck you! Here's what you need: leather bomber jacket (I think you could get away with a winter jacket with a fur-lined hood, too), sombrero, shades, beard. Maybe a bottle of whiskey. Everyone is going to think you are so badass, especially when you start lighting shit up WITH YOUR FLAME THROWEEEERRR!! For the Pros: Frozen MacReady! Put up the hood on a blue hoodie and draw the drawstrings really tight. Put icicles in your beard.

Coach Eric Taylor, Friday Night Lights

Panthers Coach: Blue hat, blue polo, blue windbreaker. Lions Coach: Red hat, red polo, red windbreaker. Always: Sunglasses string, whistle, khaki shorts, athletic socks, amazing wife. For the Pros: Uhh, give a couple inspirational speeches.

The Kid, Drive 

If you don't have blonde hair, bleach it. Then get a satin jacket with a scorpion on the back. Driving gloves. A hammer. Boom. Don't forget your toothpicks! For the Pros: Wear a creepy bald mask. Get blood all over your jacket. 

Michael MacDonald 
Get fat and wear a turtleneck and I don't know, grow a fucking beard and let your hair turn gray! Why did you wait so long to figure out your costume?! God dammit!!

If you're a girl: Just do any of the above, but sexy. (I wasn't going to make that joke, because it's been done to death, but I really wanted to photoshop a Sexy Frozen MacReady.)


  1. Sorry if the formatting got all messed up. It looks okay to me but it wasn't doing what I wanted it to do, so it might look all wonky on everyone else's computer... Meaning the 10 people that read this. :)

  2. Anything above- but sexy. She looks so pretty in that beard!